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Small Business Programs in Federal Procurements: Part One

This article is the first of two posts on small business programs in federal procurements. Here, we provide a general overview and will follow up in a related post with more details on the specific programs. Procurement opportunities exist for large and small businesses alike. While formal, large-scale contracts (typically those greater than $150,000) are [..]

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Authority to Bind the Government

Who Can Bind The Government Oftentimes in procurements multiple individuals will represent the government, handling various aspects of the contract award and administration. Procurements will have a “contracting officer,” also known as a CO or KO, as well as one or more “contracting officer representatives,” also known as a COR, such as assistant contracting officers, [..]

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To our new site and blog! We are thrilled to have launched the improved website with new features such as this blog and a client log-in. Here, we’ll post information and insights focused on our three main practice areas: litigation, commercial and corporate transactions, and government contracts. We are also rolling out a new practice [..]

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